Milestone 5

This past week, construction of the boat started. The CAD for the propulsion system was finalized, and we ordered many of the necessary parts. Work on the electrical system also started in the EE lab.


hull_5aFirst, we glued all of the ash pieces onto the plywood to make ribs for the boat. Here are 4/5 of them, glued and clamped to the base of the boat.

hull_5bWe encountered some problems when attaching the bottom two side pieces. They would not bend as much as we had hoped, and we had to remove the second rib so that the front would line up neatly. The back of the side pieces is not attached. We planned to soak the wood and weigh it down to encourage it to conform to our view of where it should go.

hull_5cThe wood refused to see the world our way, and we admitted that the curvature at the back was too extreme. To account for this, we will make a larger back piece once we finish attaching the upper sides. And here they are. We had to use the less visually pleasing zip ties because we ran out of copper wire.

hull_5dHere is the back. Instead of bending the sides to meet the back, we will simply make a larger back piece and attach it to the current one.hull_5eHere is the boat all stitched! We will start epoxying when our order comes in.


Ryan finished the CAD, and Sophie laid the pieces out on a grid in excel to determine how much sheet metal we need. We ended up ordering a 1/4″ thick piece of aluminum that is 2 feet x 3 feet.
Here are the propulsion parts laser cut out on a piece of thinner wood.


And the pieces assembled into a model!


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