Milestone 3: Models

This week, we finalized our designs for each of the components.



Initial sketches of hull

hullproto_3a hullproto_3b hullproto_3c hullproto_3d hullproto_3e

CAD model of boat hull from various angles – This model is that of our final hull design, without the interior of the boat seen. It follows closely to the design which our group had presented from the beginning of the project.


CAD model of boat, unrolled into individual pieces of plywood – This ‘unrolled’ model allows us to better visualize the pieces we will need to cut, and also allows us to start thinking of the construction process.

hull_3b hull_3c hull_3d hull_3e hull_3f

First prototype (Laser-cut sheets of cardboard) – To test out the overall design of the e-boat, our team decided to laser-cut the initial CAD model which we had with cardboard we coincidentally found in the lab. It pieced together really well, and seeing a physical product made us much more confident in the design!



Sketches of different possible propeller types – Initially, we were at a loss on how to design the propeller system. In fact, it was one of the more difficult tasks so far! Brainstorming allowed us to throw out our (limited) ideas and come to a consensus on what we wanted our vessel to look like.


Initial sketch of propeller design for our e-boat – This is a sketch of the propeller we wish to have, based on what was available online as well as our calculations (to be seen below).


Sketch of complete propulsion system

prop_3e prop_3d

Solidworks model of propulsion system


Propulsion calculations with various pre-determined diameters and pitch


Motor calculations given various pre-determined engine sizes (in cubic centimeters)

These are screenshots of the calculations we had done on Excel. They include further calculations on the motor from the previous Milestone, as well as calculations on propulsion to allow us to decide which system would be best (in a feasible manner) to achieve our desired speed of 8 knots. Finally, we decided on a 80cc motor as well as a 9.25”x11” propeller.



Diagram of electrical system to be used to power the e-boat



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