Milestone 1: Brainstorming and Preliminary Design

Last Thursday, we learned about the factors to consider in designing a hull.

  • buoyancy: The boat needs to float! (and not sink)
  • stability: The boat should stay upright in rougher waters.
  • waterproofing: The internal components (namely the electrical system) should stay dry.

We also wanted to consider potential speed and maneuverability since the ultimate goal would be to complete the boat challenge course (preferably quickly and without unplanned incidents).

With all this in mind, we looked at various boat designs on the Internet and drew a few of our own.


We got together and discussed what we would like to have on our boat. We quickly decided that building a wooden boat would be a good experience and a challenge in craftsmanship. We also opted for a one-hull design rather than a two-hull design because of maneuverability. Our mutually agreed upon design resembles Ryan Chee’s design 1. To reduce drag, we proposed an altered bottom that we can construct given enough time. However, this would be hard to fit to the boat due to the curvature of the sides.


Next week is incorporating electrical and propulsion systems and drafting the design in Rhino or SolidWorks. Yay!

Also, on Friday, our last team member arrived in Boston (delayed due to an unfortunate mosquito bite). Welcome, Shobs! We named the boat after you!


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